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By occaminsight, Nov 11 2014, 11:10 AM


One of the most painful truths for researchers and for commissioners of research, as I’m sure most will agree, is that it’s often an uphill struggle to get buy in to the results from senior management - unless they’ve been involved in the process in some meaningful way.  Whilst it can be possible to get one or two managers out to see customers / clients / suppliers face to face, it is really difficult to get the whole organisation engaged. And to be honest, whilst senior members of a team can profess a lively desire to get directly involved, all too often they’re too busy to find the time to make the (necessarily off-site) meeting.


So what’s the solution? We can’t make senior managers less busy, but unless we can engage them the company is potentially missing out on valuable insights and lucrative learnings.  


We use video extensively to get around this problem, and use it strategically in a way that ensures senior management not only develop a sense of ownership with the research,

but also embrace it to the extent that thereafter it becomes more possible to cascade the learning through the organisation.


A great recent example of this was an exercise we undertook for a financial services company. As part of a series of workshops looking at developing future programmes the managers involved all agreed to accompany us to key interviews to see the respondents face to face.  In the event, they attended none of them (always too busy). We therefore tasked them to look at the recording of a videoed interview – they then had to debrief the group on their findings, key issues raised etc. Even just allocating a single interview was problematic -  a number of them only managed to do it the night before, under the pressure of having to face their colleagues the following day. But in the workshop that followed it was noticeable the number of times they referenced ‘their’ respondent.


The end result was a team that felt fully immersed and involved in the process and the true value of the research findings was acknowledged, bought in to and, most importantly, acted upon.


You can see a little more info here about our use of video in research and its benefits for clients.  

Our strategic use of video enables senior management to be more involved with the research

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