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Approach / Insights

We adopted a video ethnography approach, spending time with respondents in their homes discussing their views on the design of household objects and the role their car played in their lives.  We  accompanied them on a 'regular' drive, asking them to re-create some of the issues they had encountered.  


We encouraged a Ford representative to come with us in these visits, as we explored both the rational issues faced by drivers as well as their emotional relationship with their car.


All video recordings were placed on-line on a secure site within 24 hours of the interview.  This, for the first time, allowed the worldwide team to view the progress of the project, and helped engender much greater ‘buy-in’ to the results.  This was further encouraged by the development of edited vignettes to be used in the final debrief, highlighting key issues.


Our client noted that the findings of the ‘micro’ research gained much greater traction with the wider development team, as some with a more numerical bias (we mean engineers!) were more prepared to accept real people saying real things about  their pleasures and frustrations when driving rather than the comments contained in a standard research debrief.


We’re looking forward to seeing some of the recommended developments in the next range of new Fords!


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Bringing drivers into the design process

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Ford of Europe has a global approach to product development.


These programmes need to understand not only macro trends like fuel prices and emissions policies, but also micro issues that drivers face in the reality of their day-to-day lives.


Occam Insight was approached to help develop a better way of fostering engagement of the ‘micro’ research findings with the entire worldwide team.


The research was to be carried out in both the UK and Germany


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