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Approach / Insights

In order to hit the tight timescale, we devised a mixed methodology approach, using both face to face and telephone interviews.


In order to bring to life the complexities of the sales process, we developed a comprehensive ‘seller journey’ showing the issues being faced at each stage of the process.  


This demonstrated that the specific product issues we were asked to investigate occured only at the end of the process.It also allowed us to highlight the nature of the required ‘front end’ developments required if Aviva's share of the market was to be improved as required


Working closely with the client’s insight team, the debrief was delivered in the form of a workshop with ‘implied actions’ clearly indicated.



The workshop initiated an intensive product review and development process which simplified the sales process – and coincidentally made the benefits of PIP clearer to potential purchasers.


As a result the initial market share target was comfortably exceeded.



Aviva Healthcare was considering how to update and improve its Personal Income Protection (PIP) offering, including a radical change in the way medical data was collected.  


PIP is a complex product, the selling of which was felt to ‘intimidate’ some Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs).


The key customer group was identified as IFAs affiliated to key networks and a response was required against a very tight timescale.


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Simplifying the sales process for Aviva



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